Our clients and their success stories

Since 2001 we have had the pleasure to work for a large number of high profile companies from Poland and Europe. We produce and maintain for them top-down software solutions, that help them run basic business activities such as order collection, customer service, loyalty programs, database processing, delivery and logistical process support. Check out the selected projects we delivered, and the companies we work for.

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Burger King kiosks

After success of in-store KFC kiosks another big brand decided to hire us to create and maintain kiosk software.

KFC In-store kiosks

A dedicated application that powers self-service kiosks in one of the world's most renowned chain restaurants.

DHL 24 web portal for complex customer service

Web portal, used as the main point of contact for most private and corporate DHL Parcel customers in Poland

Starbucks CEE app

A custom tailored web and mobile application, powering “Starbucks loyalty program” with its whole universe of special offers and rewards

DHL Express OSO

A simple but effective online shopping website designed to facilitate key customer’s interactions with DHL logistical services, always keeping them equipped with the necessary packaging support, covering 6 European countries.

Medicover Benefits app

Medicover Benefits platform helps companies take better care of their employees, providing them with a rich and diverse range of benefits, thus avoiding the burden related to negotiating with different benefit partners.

Pizza Hut and KFC web ordering platform

Through its extensive base of APIs and integration with other parts of a food ordering ecosystem,  it is a  real swiss army knife, powering online ordering for different brands, countries and loyalty platforms.

DHL Parcel Shop Manager

Application that plugs Żabka shops, as well as many more shopping brands like Relay, Inmedio, 1 Minute and Freshmarket, into DHL’s delivery network.

Oracle Micros RES integration with a third-party loyalty system for Costa Coffee

Application that makes a third party loyalty system to exchange data with the Micros POS system in real time, allowing cafe employees to access the customer’s data stored in the loyalty system app.

Starbucks apps integration with the Czech Tax Office

Since 2016 the Czech Republic has implemented the electronic registration of sales project. It is an advanced system of online communication between entrepreneurs and Financial Authority.  Our customer, Amrest entrusted us with the task of integration Starbucks applications with the Czech Tax Office accordingly to the new requirements.


DHLItNow for DHL UK which allows non-account customers to send domestic and international parcels.  It supports users with the whole process: from the pricing of shipping, printing necessary documents such as waybills, customs clearance and invoices to ordering a courier. The customer can also pay online for shipments.