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We created a web application DHLItNow for DHL UK which allows non-account customers to send domestic and international parcels.  It supports users with the whole process: from the pricing of shipping, printing necessary documents such as waybills, customs clearance and invoices to ordering a courier. The customer can also pay online for shipments.

The DHLItNow application is integrated with several internal services which provide  core functionalities of DHL internal systems:

  • The availability of shipment products and additional services like shipping insurance and pricing .
  • Managing number ranges for waybills
  • Generating labels for shipments
  • Placing orders for couriers
  • Shipment status notifications
  • Electronic proof of delivery
  • In addition the application is integrated with external service providers like:
  • Payment gateways (WorldPay and PayPal)
  • Address verification and autocomplete services for the UK

The multi-tiered architecture of DHLitNow helps us to separate presentation logic from business domain logic. The middleware layer is designed to process a lot of time consuming requests to internal DHL services to ensure a high performance and a satisfying  user experience. We also provide hosting and support services for the created solution.

Technologies used:

  • PHP/Yii/3e Application framework
  • Java/Spring MVC/ 3e Application framework
  • PostgreSQL
  • Nagios for monitoring
  • Hudson - Continuous integration