Tag: DHL

  1. DHL24 - 3e Software House
  2. DHL OSO - 3e Software House
    DHL Express OSO - An Online Supplies Ordering platform, boosting the speed and effectiveness of a global delivery network
  3. DHL Parcel Shop Manager - 3e Software House
  4. DHLItNow for DHL UK - 3e Software House
    We created a web application DHLItNow for DHL UK which allows non-account customers to send domestic and international parcels.
  5. Custom Software - 3e Software House
    Custom software. We deliver high-end, secure, and stable applications, that are reliable enough to keep extensive, multi-million euro business ventures running and thriving for years.
  6. SaaS Systems - 3e Software House
    Building a SaaS solution reduces TTM by using ready-made components.
  7. Check out our case study of cooperation with Polish DHL Parcel branch
    It just so happens, that it’s the 3e team that stands behind the technical nitty-gritty of a large part of DHL Parcel operations in Poland.
  8. DHL redirect the package
    Redirect the package is a new DHL service addressed to individual customers. It allows the recipient to change the shipping address, date of delivery, the person authorized to receive the package, etc.
  9. DHL Walk Click Call
    We prepared a web interface for DHL customers that in an effective and concise way presents operator’s services and guides them through the ordering process.
  10. A new, multi-language version of DHL Online Supplies Ordering is up and running
    The Online Supplies Ordering application ensures that key corporate clients of DHL Express have a constant supply of packaging materials such as boxes, envelopes and labels.