DHL Walk Click Call

Posted on 05/02/2014

Walk Click Call website has been developed for the UK branch of DHL. We prepared a web interface for DHL customers that in an effective and concise way presents operator’s services and guides them through the ordering process.

Part of the application is a dynamic calculator, that produces the custom price on the basis of company’s price table and order parameters entered by the customer.
The three words in the application name represent the three channels:

  • Walk – when customers carry the parcel to the company outlet in person
  • Click – when they order a visit of a delivery man online
  • Call – when they order a visit via telephone

Web site is integrated with a number of internal DHL applications, which allows automatic and immediate way to pass user a number of the necessary information, including the valuation of services provided in any of the three channels.

The key features of the service are as follows:

  • valuation online based on user input
  • the ability to track packages
  • the ability to locate the nearest fixed point DHL
  • the ability to save customer data to be used for sending newsletters and special offers

Our work in this project included design and development of customer interface, client’s backoffice interface and a series of integrations with internal mechanisms. The layout corresponding to corporate guidelines and we have been delivered by the Customer. The system was created on the basis of our application framework 3e Application Framework.