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Ordering Stack Delivery module for restaurant chains and delivery enterprises

Order Stack Delivery - one of the modules of our fully omnichannel solution Ordering Stack is ready to be launched in restaurant chains and delivery enterprises.

In short, it's a web application (PWA) which allows customers to order take-away or home delivery products online - using either a phone  or PC. 

Success stories

Burger King kiosks

After success of in-store KFC kiosks another big brand decided to hire us to create and maintain kiosk software

KFC in-store kiosks

A dedicated application that powers self-service kiosks in the restaurants

DHL 24 web portal

Main point of contact for private and corporate DHL customers in Poland

Starbucks CEE

Web and mobile app powering the loyalty program with its special offers and rewards

Medicover Benefits app

Outsourcing tool to run custom employee benefit schemes for every company

Pizza Hut and KFC web ordering platform

A real Swiss army knife, powering online ordering for different brands, countries and loyalty platforms

Costa Coffee loyalty system integration

App that makes loyalty system to exchange data with the Micros POS system in real time

DHL Parcel Shop Manager

Application that retailers like Żabka Relay, Inmedio, 1 Minute and Freshmarket, into DHL’s delivery network

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Solutions for medium and large companies, backing business processes such as customer services and order processing.

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Business channel development, sales digitisation, software enhancements and ecosystem integration.

Efficient web and mobile frontends

Fast and efficient web and mobile frontends, user interfaces, written in React.js, React Native, PHP and other technologies.

Business process analysis and consulting

Analysis and consulting in the field of application architecture, business process optimisation and technical specifications.

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On a regular basis we produce and expand software solutions that are reliable enough to keep extensive, multi-million business ventures running and thriving for years

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Analysis and documentation helps us and yourself stay focused on targets, reduce the need for changes and facilitate budgeting, testing and final acceptance

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We provide you with fully integrated software product - including high quality hosting and long term post-implementation maintenance services