From the gang of four to software guru with big team

The 3e Software House Board and management

Łukasz Kolczyński

New technologies, Product development, Project supervision

A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology and the European Academy of Managerial Skills (MBA) at the Warsaw School of Economics. He is responsible for the development of new technologies and implementing advanced information systems at 3e. Linkedin profile.

Maciej Liżewski

Network administration, New technologies

Graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology. He oversees the department responsible for development, implementation and IT infrastructure at 3e. Actively participates in the OpenSource community, including projects such as: Yii Framework, Apache Manifold CF and PHP WebDriver Bindings. Engaged in the IT industry since 1999.

Michał Rostocki

Finances, Project supervision

A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology (Information Technology) and the Warsaw School of Economics (postgraduate MBA). At 3e, he is responsible for the company's finances, controlling and recruiting the best professionals available in the market. He is also responsible for relations with clients and the supervision of projects. He likes cinema, especially Japanese.

Bartosz Gędziorowski

Project supervision, Product development, Communications

A graduate of the University of Humanities and Economics in Łódź, faculty of Computer Graphics, with a major in Audiovisual Communication. Engaged in the Internet industry since 1996. He is responsible for overseeing the development of applications and communication with clients at 3e Software House. Bartosz Gędziorowski is also an award-winning and distinguished photographer. Outside of work, he is a lover of mountains and an explorer.