Self-service kiosks

Self-ordering solution for restaurants

Ordering Stack Kiosk is a ready-to-deploy, complete solution enabling self-ordering and payment. It runs on kiosk devices delivering a smooth user experience for customers. Our solution can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or integrated with existing POS software. It is a part of Ordering Stack complete solution for restaurant chains. 

Ordering Stack - Key benefits



More orders, less work:
* Less work for cashiers
* Cashiers can help in the kitchen
* More orders during peak hours



More repeat business:
* Reduced waiting times/queues
* No time pressure for the customer
* Ability to customize a meal



Higher restaurant incomes:
* Larger average checks
* Smart upselling mechanisms
* Advanced pricing models / combo meals

Why customers use and like ordering kiosks

  1. Reduction of cashier staff,
  2. Shorten the queues,
  3. Better peak traffic management,
  4. Higher average check value,
  5. Improved customer experience.

The solution that earns itself back

  • Subscription-based pricing model,
  • The process at least 20% of,
  • Restaurant orders with the kiosk.

Lesser labor costs

  • Omnichannel,
  • Kiosk ordering,
  • Mobile ordering,
  • POS ordering.

Kiosks implementation case studies

Burger King Kiosks

After the success of in-store KFC kiosks, another big brand decided to hire us to create and maintain kiosk software.

KFC Kiosks

A dedicated application that powers self-service kiosks in one of the most renowned chain restaurants in the world.