How we work

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We have built our success on our ability to listen to your needs, provide you with consultation and analytical insight into your business processes, lead you through transparent and predictable cooperation and constantly improve our standards.

How we gather requirements

The Client Requirements Document (with Business Requirements Document (BRD) and Technical Requirements Document (TRD) aka the Software Requirements Specification (SRS)) is one of the main tools in software development.

Business analysis and documentation

Understanding makes the best software. We are here to help you solve your problems. Analysis and documentation of your requirements are the keys to success. We highly recommend writing down the requirements for the first iteration and then gradually expanding on them throughout later development. Having all needs discussed and written down makes the project well defined and predictable, this helps stay focused on targets, reduces the need for changes, and facilitates budgeting, testing, and final acceptance

Software development process

Sit back and wait for the magic- it's the coding time! That’s when the functionalities are built, and added value is born, therefore we care that despite the nitty-gritty the process is as transparent as possible. Unless you strongly prefer waterfall, we usually follow the agile project methodology, developed and mastered by us over many years, which allows you to closely follow the development process, evaluate the freshly-developed modules and decide about tasks order in backlog.

Quality assurance

Our main principle. As a software developer, we on regular basis produce and expand software solutions that are reliable enough to keep extensive, multi-million business ventures running and thriving for years. That means quality has to be one of our main obsessions - and it is. Our applications run for years without unplanned downtimes. How do we do that?

Security assurance

So you can sleep well. We understand how important the minimization of risk in all areas is to the overall health of your business. Taking this into account we have integrated security assurance procedures deeply into our processes.


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We make a substantial effort to choose the most relevant technology stack to ensure the highest possible efficiency and scalability within your budget and timeframe. Check what technologies we work in.