SaaS systems

Building a SaaS solution reduces TTM by using ready-made components

SaaS solutions

If you are planning to build an IT solution offered in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, you face many challenges related to the technology and architecture of your system. A good way to reduce the risk of making wrong technical decisions and going over budget, and to get off to a faster start in the market, is to use ready-made components and services. Such off-the-shelf components can provide common functionalities like user authentication, multimedia storage, and processing or payment acceptance. Thanks to their use, it is possible to create the backbone of the solution relatively quickly and focus on specific elements creating the main value for clients.
When choosing specific solutions in the form of services, components, or libraries, it is worth checking whether they have support for multi-tenant operation and what the cost of using them is as the number of users grows.

Ready components

At 3e Software House, we have been developing multi-tenant and SaaS solutions for many years and during this time we have created a set of components in the form of libraries and microservices that significantly speed up the process.

These include:

user-auth-service authentication supports various credential methods, from e-mail to oauth2 services from trusted providers such as Google, Facebook, Apple or WeChat. The service fully supports multi-tenant architecture, so each tenant can have its own user base. In addition, the service supports multiple credential methods for a single user key - so you can have one account and log in using e-mail and another time using e.g. Facebook, still getting into one account (in many similar services, entry via e-mail and Facebook registered to the same e-mail leads to two different accounts).

payment-router service for accepting payments from tenants using one of many payment gateways via one universal interface (NOTE: the name might be better multi gateway-payment, payment-wrapper or payment-manifold - competition just not sure about multi-tenant

CDN service for storing image and video files in the Azure or AWS cloud for tenants with the ability to set limits and the option to scale image files. It is used, among other things, to support product images within individual tenants. Additionally, we have a component for React Admin.

notification service operating in multi-tenant mode. Each tenant can define message templates and send messages to its users using channels such as e-mail (via SendGrid service), SMS or push messages. Additionally, we have a component for React Admin for editing message templates.

loyalty program, operating as a headless service (available through API), allows to maintain and manage loyalty accounts of users within multiple tenants. It allows for the accumulation of points with the option of their expiry (e.g. stored value card), use of points, member-gets-member programs, and others.

All components are offered with source codes and support.
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