AmRest sp. z o.o.

3e Software House has successfully designed, developed and implemented an order processing system for both online and phone channels for AmRest Company.

Maciej Buba

PMO & Business Solution Manager


During the development of KFC in-store kiosks we cooperated with several subcontractors. 3e Software House, as a developer of the core application, has played an important role in this process, and significantly contributed to the final success.

Maciej Jędrychowski

KFC Digital Manager CEE at AmRest

During the project, 3e Software House played an important role in putting together the products of five different companies in order to make the whole kiosk ecosystem meet quality targets. The cooperation was very smooth and effective. Our partners from 3e brought us many new ideas and solutions that improved the product’s performance and positively influenced the development process.

Maciej Buba

Digital Director Pizza Hut at AmRest

Pizza Hut

Over many years of development and optimisation of the ordering platform, the cooperation with 3e Software House was always smooth and efficient.

Maciej Buba

Digital Director Pizza Hut at AmRest


I truly appreciate our relationship with our business partners at 3e Software House. Their high degree of technical skills, professionalism, and the quality of their products greatly contributes to our overall satisfaction related to this project.

Łukasz Scheibinger

Jr Digital Project Manager at AmRest


3e Software House team are solid and trustworthy IT partner. I appreciate their engagement, technical competences high level of customer service. They contribution significantly helps us continually increase the quality of our services.

Piotr Jachowicz

Piotr Jachowicz
Head of Client Integration Department at DHL Parcel

I love working with 3E ☺

Victor Geerlings

DHL Express NL
IT Project Manager

Working with 3e is just like having a good partner, who knows a customer’s needs. In my opinion this is most important in achieving set goals.

Michał Fafius

Retail Manager

The words that describe 3e best are integrity, creativity, and utmost professionalism.

Dorota Lemler

IT project manager

Nationale Nederlanden PTE SA

Based on 8 years experience we rank 3e Software House as consistently one of our best IT service suppliers.

Grzegorz Letocha


Medicover Benefits

The 3e team always scrutinises several project alternatives before choosing the optimal one, that is later developed. They are always very well prepared for meetings and show a high level of understanding of our requirements and market constraints.

Paweł Skrodzki

Chief Sales Officer at Medicover Benefits

Costa Coffee

The application produced by 3e integrated all the cash desks with the loyalty system, allowing us to effectively manage it from our headquarters. Thanks to very stable and rapid data collection as well as server-side data processing, our customers get instant mobile updates about their operations. That factor positively affects their overall user experience. What’s also worth mentioning, the implementation proved to be compliant with high security standards - all the penetration tests executed returned positive results.

Karol Dragan

IT Project Manager at Costa Coffee

Budimex SA

The company shows full professionalism and honestly fulfills its obligations. Our cooperation is very good and with full responsibility, we can recommend 3e to all current and future customers as a proven partner.

Iwona Skrzęta

Kierownik Projektów Biuro Informatyki, Budimex SA