We make a substantial effort to choose the most relevant technology stack to ensure highest possible efficiency and scalability within your budget and timeframe. We choose from a wide range of languages and environments. Here we describe the most important of them.

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Java/Spring Framework

It’s Java’s simplicity, reliability and high security, that have helped it remain the most popular programming language in the world and a standard choice for high profile enterprise software.


PHP powers about 80% of web pages from small blogs and portals to technology giants like Google and Facebook. When you  need a content page or a relatively simple application, and need it fast - our PHP developers are the right people to deliver it.


Simply put: React.js is (probably) the  most efficient and flexible JS library to build user interfaces. The simple and consistent architecture of React+Redux combined with their simple API make them also extremely resource efficient

React Native

You don't have to pay full price for the development and maintenance of three independent user interfaces - web, iOS and Android. With React Native we can offer your a significantly cheaper and faster solution.


Node.js is the platform of choice, when you need your app to be produced quickly and introduced to the market as soon as possible. The whole application can be written by a smaller team of developers - leading to further savings.