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If you love to code, join our 3e Software House team!

What we offer and why it is worth to work with us

permanent work in a stable company - we have existed since 2001, we are constantly developing, and it is sustainable development.

friendly atmosphere in a good team - because as students we started in a real garage, we are far from corporate conventions. We don't call ourselves "Lord" and we don't require a suit. Instead, we respect each other and listen to what everyone has to say.

methods of project implementation following applicable standards and trends - the founders of 3e are passionate programmers. We have been coding since we were a child and we continue to code whenever we have the opportunity. Therefore, we emphasize teamwork and the latest trends and methods of software development (agile methodologies, automatic tests, continuous integration, etc.). In Joel's test, we meet 11 out of 12 requirements.

flexible working hours and no overtime - we know that fatigue does not allow us to create effective code. We know that the implementation on Friday at 21:00 is "risky" to say the least. We also know that working at 3 am is rubbish. That is why we avoid overtime at work. We start work between 8 and 9:30 - so that everyone can easily reach the office. We also understand if you have to leave early sometimes or jump out and run something.

office in Warsaw - Our main office is located at ul. Jelinka, about 500 meters from the Marymont metro station. It is quiet and peaceful here, there are no problems with parking and we also have a garden where we have a barbecue. All rooms are air-conditioned.

office in Łódź - the Łódź branch is located in the very center of Łódź on Gdańska Street. The last floor guarantees calm and quietness. The office is air-conditioned, of course.

professional development - IT technologies change very quickly. We store knowledge and share it during internal training. In addition, we use professional external training. Anyone willing can always count on a refund for the purchase of industry literature. We give you a chance to retrain, for example, from a tester to an encoder or from a PHP encoder to a JAVA encoder.

free medical care - as part of salary supplements, 3e covers the costs of health insurance as part of the basic, extended, and family packages. The package includes the services of specialist doctors in many different facilities throughout Poland.

covering part of the costs of sports activities - for those who like sports and want to use the sports and recreational package, we cover half of its cost.

bonuses - we believe that each manifestation of exceptional commitment should be additionally rewarded. Every six months, we allocate a certain amount of bonuses for developers, which are distributed by project managers.

that's not all - every year we organize at least one integration event (we already have 3 trips to the mountains and struggles in an escape room). We also take care of more mundane things: good espresso coffee, regular deliveries of fresh fruit as well as work tools and comfortable chairs.

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