Quick Service Restaurant solutions

QSR is a Quick Service Restaurant, and it means that the restaurant is focused on providing customers with food as quickly and efficiently as possible. The term quick-serve is synonymous with fast food, and a majority of quick-service restaurants operate as chain restaurants using a franchise model. The most popular brands of QSR are KFC, Burger King, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and others. 
For that kind of restaurant, saving time means earning money. That's why, based on our experience, we have created products that support and change the QSR industry. All products are ready to deploy. 

Ordering Stack - complete system for restaurants

Ordering Stack is all in one solution
for restaurant chains for taking and processing orders in restaurants, with strong sales and marketing support.

Self-service kiosks

Friendly application for self-service kiosks to place orders, with payments. A perfect alternative to the standard form of ordering at the counter or with a waiter. Breaking the queue. 

Integrations with Micros, Agnis and others

Direct integrations with POS systems like Micros, Agnis,and others.

Integrations with Food Delivery Apps

Direct integrations with food ordering and delivery aggregators like Uber Eats, Bolt Food, Glovo, Takeaway and others