Integrations with Micors, Agnis and others

Direct integration and expansion of the functionality of POS systems and more.

Oracle Micros POS direct integration

Based on our experience in the integration of the Micros RES 3700 system and other Oracle Micros POS systems, we have created an integration module for the Ordering Stack. The integration module allows for bi-directional data exchange, which consists of:

  1. import of product definitions and their attributes, prices, ingredients, etc.,
  2. adding a new order from Ordering Stack (to a local POS installation running on Micros),
  3. updating order status from Micros to the Ordering Stack.

These are prerequisites for Micros Integration Module:

  1. installed of the Oracle Hospitality RES 3700 Transaction Services Web Interface module
  2. installed of the Local Agent Ordering Stack application in a local restaurant chain
  3. configured a local Ordering Stack agent

Ordering Stack Local Agent

  • This module must be installed on a selected computer in the local restaurant chain. If there are many restaurants, one of the modules must act as MENU_MASTER. This should be marked in the configuration.
  • The module with the MENU_MASTER option selected must be configured with access data to the Sybase database containing menu definitions (the access can be in read-only mode).
  • If the central configuration database Micros (Enterprise Module) is used, the indication should be just for this database. If the EM is not used, the indication may be the local database in the selected restaurant.
  • Another configuration parameter required regardless of whether the module is a MENU_MASTER or not is the address of the RES POS API network service. Through this API Local Agent will add new orders to the local instance of Micros.

AGNIS POS Integration

The other ready integration of the Ordering Stack is Agnis POS, a hospitality software suite for hotels and restaurants, popular in Czech Republic.
Our POS integrator takes care of:

  • menu synchronization (AGNIS products definitions including prices are sent to Ordering Stack), 
  • inserting online orders from Ordering Stack into AGNIS POS (from any channel like web, mobile, call center, or kiosk),
  • uploading local POS orders created on AGNIS into Ordering Stack – it makes possible to use Ordering Stack KDS (Kitchen Display System) regardless of order source

AGNIS Integrator module is based on Ordering Stack open-source component pos-integrator-core, which can be used as a foundation for any other Ordering Stack integrator.

Custom integrations

Additionally, even the most complex system integrations are possible on request. We have extensive experience in this, having created such solutions for KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, DHL, and many other companies.

POS integration success stories

GUTY Digitization

From the implementation of the omnichannel ordering system, through integration with Agnis POS, order handling along with the workflow process in the kitchen, to marketing and loyalty support.

Costa Coffee Integration

Direct integration of Oracle Micros RES with a third-party loyalty system for Costa Coffee.