Maintenance services

High stability and availability guaranteed

When the application code is ready our role is far from finished. We provide you with fully integrated software products - including post-implementation support and technical supervision, high-quality hosting and server administration, all with guaranteed repair times (SLA)

All the maintenance conditions are included in our SLA agreements. That means, we always consult with you on the level of services required, to prepare a tailor-made solution regarding answer times, repairs, and maximum allowed downtime. We possess great experience in configuring SLA documents according to ITIL guidelines.

Post-deployment support

The purpose of post-deployment support is to provide continuous technical support after system deployment. Such service includes ongoing work based on current needs (e.g. minor improvements, adaptations to changing conditions, etc.). 

The most important aspects of the service:

  • Short response time (including applications under warranty),
  • Response up to 48 hours (usually on the day of the request),
  • Simplifying the order acceptance procedure,
  • System for the registration and reporting of requests,
  • Dedicated account representative, who is directly responsible for the processing of current orders,
  • Ongoing support for the operation and use of the system, consultations,
  • The capability of cyclic execution of automated testing,
  • Rapid implementation of small tasks not directly related to system operations,
  • Hosting and administration.

Our hosting standards

The hosting environment requirements produced by your application, server architecture, estimated traffic, response times, legal requirements are by default outlined by us together at the business and technical analysis stage. Following implementation, your application is passed to our team of administration and maintenance specialists, who help you choose a relevant (traditional or cloud) infrastructure and make all the essential configurations to optimize the platform’s hardware and software with regards to maximum efficiency.

We usually host your applications in a failover class cloud environment provided by our partners at 3S. The data is stored in a cluster of 6 geographically dispersed data centers connected via a dedicated fiber-optic network with fast disaster recovery options, and 24h maintenance. If you prefer we can host them in a public cloud environment, or use your dedicated solution as well.

Our team of maintenance engineers is on-call 365 days a year, providing you with a convenient single point of contact for all types of issues. We assign a dedicated employee as a caretaker to every client and hosted application, to ensure knowledge continuity. Our specialists respond to your inquiries via telephone, email, Redmine, and on a dedicated Slack channel.

We engage advanced monitoring solutions to predict and prevent all the possible downtime well in advance. Your applications and their environments are very well scripted to monitor dozens of critical values, such as the server CPU’s, memory and disc usage, database queries execution time, and much more. Along with the technicalities we also monitor your business processes.

We have strong experience in the following areas:

  • Linux server administration (Debian, Fedora, and others),
  • Centralized logging and authentication engines in Linux systems based on LDAP,
  • Xen and VMware virtualization (including paravirtualization), the support of virtual servers in the cloud (Amazon EC2, etc.),
  • Setting up Postfix and Courier mail servers, including advanced multi-server configurations. We also configure solutions with a custom mail delivery engine (e.g. a script which adds records to the database),
  • Creating hosting environments for Web solutions with high performance and security,
  • Deployment and configuration of applications and webpage serving environments: Apache, Ngix, caching proxy, Memcached,
  • VPN configuration (SSL-VPN OpenVPN and IPSec based on dedicated devices),
  • Optimization of the overall solution,
  • Setting up of a cloud solution (cloud computing),
  • Ensuring full compliance with the requirements of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection,
  • Setting up environments for continuous integration and code repositories (Subversion),
  • Installation and configuration of Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL databases,
  • Configuration of MySQL replication in real time between servers for backup or load balancing,
  • Installation and configuration of the JBoss/Tomcat/Jetty application server,
  • The use of MongoDB document databases.

SLA - Service Level Agreement

We provide support with a guaranteed service level SLA (Service Level Agreement). This service is aimed at ensuring the continued performance of key business processes. These processes are carried out mostly by the IT infrastructure, which consists of applications and devices. SLA defines the required response times (the maximum time after which specialists begin working on the incident), incident resolution times (e.g. restoring the availability of the application), and a number of contractual penalties for failure to comply with these parameters.

The services provided under the SLA include:

  • Providing the ability to report incidents (including errors) through the system of report registration,
  • The guaranteed availability of specialists who are ready and able to solve the reported incidents within the specified timeframe,
  • Ensuring the availability of technical support via telephone (hotline) for applications, providing consultations on the operation of the system,
  • System monitoring (measuring availability and performance, enabling the detection of performance losses before users notice them).

Key benefits:

  • Maintaining process continuity,
  • Maintaining current knowledge about the system, updating documentation,
  • Creating and maintaining automatic test engines – this allows for immediate response to any irregularities and the monitoring of possible threats (such as possible overloading of the system).