What we do

We have built our reputation as a provider of high quality, secure and stable software solutions, that become the backbone of many successful businesses. These are our main areas of expertise:

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Custom business software solutions

Bespoke software solutions for medium and large companies, backing basic business processes like customer services, accepting and processing orders, call center operations, payment and fiscalisation and much more.

Business environment development and integration

New business channel development, sales channel digitisation, legacy software enhancements, and business ecosystems integration, including payment solutions, communication channels and geographical information.

Oracle Micros platform development

Micros workstations have hummed under front desks of restaurants and hotels for decades. However the continuing digital transformation of food and hospitality industries requires integration with other systems and the development of new functions. That’s where we come in.

Custom ecommerce solutions

Complex ecommerce implementations like order processing systems, CRM databases, call center solutions, loyalty schemes, benefit platforms, and much more.

Efficient web and mobile frontends

Fast and user-friendly, multichannel-enabled frontends and user interfaces, built using state of the art technologies

Analysis and consulting of business processes

Analysis and consulting in the field of applications architecture, business process optimisation and technical specifications.

Ordering Stack. A kiosk self-ordering software.

Ordering Stack is a ready to deploy, complete solution enabling self-ordering and payment. It runs on kiosk devices delivering a smooth
user experience for customers. Our solution can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or integrated with existing POS software.

Self-service kiosks programming and integration with POS

Self-service kiosks are set to remain a huge market trend among QSR and fast-casual restaurants. They provide numerous advantages. They increase sales (up to 30%), service speed (by 40%) and market share, they improve customer satisfaction (up to 76% of customers).

Retail POS systems upgrade and integration

Your legacy POS lacks important features, and you are not sure if to replace it with a cloud solution or just integrate it with a set of modern applications? That’s where we come in to help you make the right decision and to make the implementation.