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During the cooperation with multiple market-leading companies, we possessed extensive and diverse expertise in the field of technology-driven commerce processes. Applications that we build, host, and maintain are something much more elaborate than mere online shops. They power dynamically expanding multi-million euro ventures, process millions of orders yearly, sell fast-moving, complicated stuff as food products and manage extensive delivery networks.

Order processing systems

Order processing apps are a class of software that automatically and smoothly process the mass flow of orders ensuring satisfactory time and standard of completion. Such applications are mainly implemented in medium and large enterprises, with a fixed flow path. The software runs the process from start to finish, from order acceptance through to distribution and the management of resources needed for completion, to payment and delivery preparation. The process also usually includes workflow tracking, validation, and aggregation of statistical data.

Our applications successfully cover the most complicated eCommerce patterns with multiple parameters and positions configurable by the client whilst placing the order. Examples of this are restaurants, where the client can extensively modify items ordered, especially when ordering pizza - probably the most customizable of products.
Our order processing systems power the day-to-day processes in companies such as AmRest - one of the leading fast-food chain operators in Europe, and the leading logistic services provider - DHL.

Multichannel benefit and loyalty applications

While mass processing of orders is crucial for certain types of businesses, others emphasize the long-term, sustained relationship with a customer. For such companies we build and integrate customer service marketplaces, those help companies maintain continual contact with the customer, constantly providing them an incentive to stay active and make use of different offers. Our applications provide customers with an integrated marketplace of offers and benefits, available through multiple channels - be they web, mobile, or company brick-and-mortar stores.

Marketplaces are integrated with token or points-based systems with gamification elements, that allow customers to collect virtual currency and exchange it for goods and services of their choice. The customers are also provided with comprehensive and easily accessible user interfaces to check their account status, configure it and make use of the available functions. Examples of these complex systems we provide for clients are  Medicover Benefits - an outsourcing platform for employee benefit aggregation, Nationale Nederlanden - a retirement scheme management platform,  “Starbucks Rewards” and “Moja Pizza Hut”(“My Pizza Hut”) - multichannel loyalty schemes.

CRM and call center solutions

Once the order processing infrastructure is up and running, it instantly starts to produce a lot of customer care activities. Professional handling of these contacts is just as crucial for company success as the smooth processing of initial orders. A robust CRM application with call center capabilities is a crucial asset that allows the company to maintain a satisfactory level of customer relations. Our applications cover those processes under a single banner.

We provide complete solutions for CRM systems, that allow companies to gather customer data from different sources, classify and segregate them according to multiple criteria and cover numerous complex b2b and b2c processes as non-standard orders, requests, complaints, and settlements. They are integrated with a set of advanced tools that help the employees provide a satisfactory level of customer contact as well as different possible conversation scenarios, and aggregation of CRM data to improve customer knowledge.

Our client's uccess stories

Pizza Hut Web Ordering

Multichannel online ordering platform for Pizza Hut, KFC and other brands

Medicover Benefits

Outsourcing tool to run custom employee benefit schemes for every company