Medicover Benefits app - an online tool for enterprise HR to manage employee benefits

Medicover Benefits platform helps companies take better care of their employees, providing them with a rich and diverse range of benefits, thus avoiding the burden related to negotiating with different benefit partners. Any company using Medicover Benefits can instantly set up an online hub with a lot of attractive offers, synchronise it with its HR platform, top up employees accounts with bonus points and then invite them to pick and choose their favourite stuff.

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Medicover Benefits works as a middleman between companies searching for a benefit program for their employees, and different entertainment, health, travel and shopping businesses. The platform contains tickets sellers, sport voucher providers, medical service providers and a lot of other partners.

Project’s scope

The business process is started by a Medicover administrator who sets up a dedicated client platform. Later, the client’s HR department uploads their employees database and then shares platform access with them. The employee’s accounts are periodically topped up by the employer with new bonus’. Points can be exchanged into shopping discounts, sports vouchers, etc.
The application integrates with many partner’s marketplaces. They upload their product and services databases onto the Medicover Benefits platform. The platform’s final user - the employee - can browse  offers and buy products paying with their bonus points.


We joined an already existing project after a 2 month  period of adaptation, to reinforce the Medicover Benefits internal team of developers and increase the development pace of the platform


We worked on  the overall development of the applications features and optimisation of the applications speed and overall performance


We also worked on multiple integrations with external platforms like Ebilet, Triverna and ABC Kids. The integration mechanisms vary from partner to partner.

New features

We  add about 100-120 new features to the platform each  year, ranging from quick improvements to entirely new functionalities

Technologies used

PHP with Yii framework


Automated testing


Continuous integration



Whilst co-operating with 3e Software House I greatly appreciate their approach to the development process. Their team of analysts plays a crucial role. The 3e team always scrutinises several project alternatives before choosing the optimal one, that is later developed. They are always very well prepared for meetings and show a high level of understanding of our requirements and market constraints. We are also hugely satisfied with their maintenance and optimisation services, that has breathed new life into our application.

Paweł Skrodzki

Chief Sales Officer at Medicover Benefits