Business environment development and integration

Development and integration of extensive, multiplatform business software environments is one of our core areas of expertise. We take the position, that in most cases when you need new functions and add-ons to the legacy applications, there’s no need to exchange them for a new complex solutions. A much simpler and affordable solution is to develop new microservices or even larger applications, and smoothly integrate them with the existing pieces of your software. A solution like this usually requires far less time and money and can be implemented in a simple way, without the need to disrupt your core day to-day business processes.

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We willingly assist in every stage of your company’s software development, no matter if it has existed for decades or only been built  a few years ago. We assess your specific needs for new functions, add-ons and extensions.

We then analyse the existing components of your system such as applications, databases and both frontend and backoffice user interfaces.

What’s in it for you?

A profound experience
Since 2001 3e Software House has been involved in dozens of business software development and integration projects. We have integrated  complicated logistical processes for companies such as DHL Parcel, where we power a multifunctional customer service portal with an extensive parcel collection point network, a large number of APIs for corporate clients and companies internal applications as well.

Our experience includes multiple web and mobile GUI integrations. 

We provide integrations with payment and fiscalization services,  geographic information systems, call center applications and much more. Our trademark integration projects are those including Oracle Micros applications. It’s a popular HORECA enterprise management system, that we are able to enhance in multiple ways including external the  menu presentation layer, creation and integration of web and mobile food ordering interfaces, geo localisation services, loyalty platforms and much more. We also possess a deep knowledge of Micros internal menu models, and internal scripts.

Tailor-made solutions
3e Software House software solutions are always tailored to your specific requirements. We know well all too well, that a deep understanding of your conditions and constraints is especially important, when we prepare our applications for integration with an already functioning software ecosystem.

Therefore we draft our product’s vision through a series of elaborate and standardised consulting workshops, taking into account your business requirements and company culture. Then we create robust documentation to ensure the project is well defined and predictable. (Read more about our analytical process)

Top quality, stable and secure
Understanding the profile of our clients quality and security needs is one of our main obsessions.  Our applications run for years without any unplanned downtime and pass multiple external audits. We begin the quality assurance process with the project’s business analysis.

This emphasis on quality remains our priority throughout the planning of the future testing scenarios, coding, automatic testing and manual testing stages. We host your application in  highly secure data clusters, under the ever watchful eye of our team of maintenance specialists. (Read more about our quality assurance methods)