Starbucks integration

Direct integration with the local tax office

Since 2016 the Czech Republic has implemented the electronic registration of sales project. It is an advanced system of online communication between entrepreneurs and the Financial Authority. Our customer, Amrest entrusted us with the task of integrating Starbucks applications with the Czech Tax Office according to the new requirements.

Such approach has many advantages

  1. Definitely makes it easier to register of sale
  2.  Precludes the requirement of a cash register (receipt print can be done by the regular printer)
  3.  A regular computer/tablet connected to the Internet can serve as a POS
  4.  This is conducive to fair competition
  5.  Each customer can verify his receipt through a special website

Project’s scope

  • Creating a fiscal number of a transaction
  • Financial transactions are real-time reported to the Tax Office
  • Generating the confirmation of transactions and the online sales receipt for the customer

We implemented the changes for both mobile and web applications.

The diagram above shows how works the registration of sales:

  1. Entrepreneur sends XML data message about the transaction to Financial Authority.
  2. Financial Authority sends back confirmation of receipt with unique code (FIK - Fiscal identification code).
  3. Entrepreneur issues a receipt (including the FIK) and provides it to the customer.
  4. The customer receives the receipt.
  5. Registration of the sale can be verified through the web application of the Financial Authority. The customer can verify his/her receipt; entrepreneur can verify the sales registered under his name.


By the end of November 2016 the electronical registration of sales system was run in a pilot mode in order to verify the operation of integrated entities.  In this phase we used test enviroment and "playground" certificates, which let us to generate big numbers of transaction relevant to the real situations. After tests period project came into target mode required by law. Communication with the test and production environments of Czech Tax Office is based on (Simple Object Access Protocol) SOAP.