KFC In-store ordering kiosks

A dedicated application that powers self-service ordering kiosks

AmRest is one of the largest European chain restaurant operators, running more than 2 000 restaurants in 26 countries. Outside of their primary market - Central and Eastern Europe – they have established a strong presence in Western Europe, Russia, China and other Asian countries with numerous franchises such as Burger King, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and KFC. Kiosk’s implementation ties in with the company’s overall policy towards increased digitalisation and optimisation of processes, including previous projects like the mobile KFC app and “skip the line” function - allowing users to place an order before reaching the nearest restaurant and collecting their meal from the counter.

Client’s objectives

Main requirements

  • Shortening restaurant queues and therefore preventing customers from leaving the queue – especially during rush hours
  • Creation of a new, friendly and smooth consumer experience through the device’s high quality, usability and an comprehensive customer experience
  • Smooth cooperation with four other providers, taking part in design and implementation
  • Making the app fit the hardware to ensure a high level of availability
  • Creation of a tool that would be easily implementable for client’s other brands, meals and especially, different national fiscal policies and regulations

AmRest chose 3e Software House as a solid IT partner, proven in many previous ecommerce and online sales projects. Our advantages were an especially rich experience in Oracle’s Micros-enabled backend implementations supported by the proven high quality of our frontends. Such a combination of experience allowed 3e to fit effortlessly into the development and testing process, that spared our client a lot of potential work connected with coordinating  numerous contractors. Teamed with high-profile partners such  as hardware manufacturer M4B, UX experts from Ribot and cash register manufacturer Posnet, we accepted the task to create a top-class product, that would power  more than 500 KFC restaurants in selected Central Europe countries with the prospect of further development and took the responsibility for the technical side of project’s success.


The development process included

  • Development of restaurant backend allowing KIOSK system to operate in offline mode, directly integrated with local POS system
  • Multiple integrations of the kiosk application with client’s systems, including
    • Integration with the web ordering system, ensuring that every kiosk is always up to date with the chain’s centrally prepared  menu
    • Integration with each point of sale (POS) installation of Oracle Micros application, enabling seamless alignment with the other ordering channels, and fiscal integration
    • Integration with hardware created by M4B
  • Implementation of Ribot-developed user experience flow: menu exposure, shopping cart, purchase logic. credit card payment and fiscalisation
  • Top-down testing process and continual maintenance of the whole application ecosystem in accordance with the signed SLA
  • Production (in close cooperation with AmRest’s IT department) of software documentation, enabling client’s technical staff to independently replicate and configure the environment in new restaurants

Client's benefits

The very first real-life implementation of our kiosk software took place in a KFC restaurant on Wroclaw Market Square. We still remember our joy when, sitting incognito at one of the tables, we observed the very first client who, noticing long queues to  the counter, decided to use the kiosk. It took him only about 25 sec. to choose required meal, use their card and complete purchase of a KFC Hot Wings bucket. He left the restaurant much faster than other clients, who came in ahead of him. That was the moment, when members of all the cooperating teams felt the notion of success.

Client's gains

  • average check increase
  • increase in incremental in-store sales
  • high kiosk conversion rate
  • unburdening restaurant staff of customer traffic, leaving more space for meal preparation


During the development of KFC in-store kiosks we cooperated with several subcontractors. 3e Software House, as a developer of the core application, has played an important role in this process, and significantly contributed to the final success of the product. We are satisfied by the stability and efficiency of the application provided by 3e.

Maciej Jędrychowski

KFC Digital Manager CEE at AmRest


During the project, 3e Software House played an important role in putting together the products of five different companies in order to make the whole kiosk ecosystem meet quality targets. The cooperation was very smooth and effective. Our partners from 3e brought us many new ideas and solutions that improved the product’s performance and positively influenced the development process.

Maciej Buba

Digital Director Pizza Hut at AmRest