Starbucks app

 a multichannel hub for coffee lovers, special offer seekers, and reward hunters

A custom-tailored web and mobile application, covering “Starbucks loyalty program” with its whole universe of special offers and rewards. It is a convenient tool for in-store phone payments that enables customers to earn free drinks and food with every purchase in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania. The mobile application received a Mobile Trend Award in 2015.

Since 1971 Starbucks twin-tailed siren logo has become a recognizable symbol to coffee lovers all around the world. The Seattle-based company operates more than 28000 locations in 50 countries, including 72 stores in Poland.

For its customers, the company runs a loyalty scheme called “Starbucks Rewards” offering registered users multiple benefits for collecting bonus points known as Stars. The Mobile application is one of the main touchpoints for communication with scheme participants.

Client's objectives

Starbucks card synchronization

Full data synchronization between the app and user’s Starbucks Card, including card’s balance, and transaction history.

Starbucks Rewards implementation

Implementation of the Starbucks Rewards scheme - the mobile process of earning Stars during any purchase, checking their number and user’s status (Green or Gold), and finally - claiming available rewards.

Pay by phone function

The convenient “Pay by phone” function allows customers to top-up their Card and buy products using the Card’s balance - even if they forgot their wallets.

App production


AmRest, the company which owns the Starbucks franchise in Central Europe chose 3e Software House as their long-proven IT partner with a successful history in many web-based ecommerce solutions for many different AmRest Polish and European brands. During the planning process we decided to utilise Java/Spring as a sufficiently robust framework for the server-based application, while mobile applications were developed in Android/iOS native platforms. The implementation included:

Application elements

  • Integration of the application with Oracle iCare - gift and loyalty cloud service
  • Secure data connections handling the transmission of user’s personal data
  • Web frontend development
  • Development of native applications for iOS and Android
  • Integration with iOS and Android mobile geolocation and navigation services

Client's benefits

Growing customer satisfaction. 
From the beginning, the application has received positive reviews from Starbucks’ customers in Poland and the Czech Republic. User ratings are relatively high (above 4 in both Apple AppStore and Google Play and are continually growing.

They appreciate its fluency, usability in managing their Starbucks accounts, and overall convenience. The overall number of the application’s mobile and web users is constantly growing. There are above 2000 active users interacting with the applications every day.


We observe with satisfaction the rising review grades of our applications in Google Play and iOS AppStore. The web and mobile applications facilitate our clients’ interaction with Starbucks brand in digital environment therefore making all experience more convenient. I truly appreciate our relationship with our business partners at 3e Software House. Their high degree of technical skills, professionalism, and the quality of their products greatly contributes to our overall satisfaction related to this project.

Łukasz Scheibinger

Jr Digital Project Manager at AmRest