DHL 24 web portal

Complex customer service online

Behind every leading physical services provider, there is a lesser-known team of IT specialists, who keep things moving to ensure the provider of a  top-class working environment. 3e powers a complex customer-service web portal, used as a main point of contact for most private and corporate DHL Parcel customers in Poland. The website integrates a number of different internal DHL IT platforms and services, many of which were also written and are continually maintained by the 3e team. is Poland’s main hub for providing access to the services of DHL Parcel, a part of Deutsche Post DHL Group, a leading international postal and logistics company. It offers access to a wide range of DHL services for private customers, the main functionalities of the website are however designed for business customers, processing wholesale amounts of parcels.

Project’s scope

Private customers

  • shipping and picking up parcels,
  • tracking parcels from the moment it is collected from the sender to its delivery
  • redirecting parcels directly from the web interface
  • complaint filling

Business customers

  • parcel-delivery management dashboard: mass shipment ordering, price calculation, parcel tracking, special shipments, return management.  complaints
  • robust WebAPI for e-commerce partner’s web applications allowing fully-automated shipment control
  • super-easy, do-it-yourself integration with Poland's most popular marketplace -
  • Invoice, waybill and other document generation
  • Reporting tools for business control and analysis

The website is maintained and developed by 3e Software House, beginning in 2007, when we were hired by DHL Parcel management team to take over and expand the existing DHL web ordering application. Since then we’ve continually accompanied the dynamic growth of DHL Parcel services in Poland, developing and adjusting the complex business logic of the application according to client’s current needs. Our work  has also included frontdend, backoffice and backend tools, and integration with DHL internal databases business management applications.

Related applications

  • Parcel Shop Management application - an standalone application powering cooperation between DHL and its extensive network of over 6500 parcel shops
  • DHL for you - a renewed private customer interface, allowing every internet user, with no long-term contract to quickly order deliveries, call a messenger, print a waybill, etc.
  • Parcel redirection application. A pin-authorised mobile-friendly solution letting every parcel addressee instantly change the date and address of their parcels delivery,
  • Return management interface - a functionality automating the ordering of return shipments from customers, who take advantage of the European right of withdrawal when shopping online
  • eWelcome - signing a contract with DHL Parcel Polska made easy
  • Self service - maintain your company profile easier with no need to call DHL
  • Service delivery - a functionality for corporate clients. It simplifies creating mass custom delivery orders for huge groups of addresses, e.g. bank clients   

Application maintenance

Undoubtedly, the most essential KPIs for a mission critical application of a vast delivery network are related to it’s high efficiency and continuous availability. To uphold high availability of the whole ecosystem even in peak days we established a wide range of monitors and health checks. We continually monitor database usage parameters, task queues, time of database responses, numbers of requests per second and their spread over longer time. At the same time we keep our eye on business processes as well, monitoring the lifetime of orders, tickets stacking etc.



3e Software House team are solid and trustworthy IT partner. I appreciate their engagement, technical competences high level of customer service. They contribution significantly helps us continually increase the quality of our services.

Piotr Jachowicz

Piotr Jachowicz
Head of Client Integration Department at DHL Parcel