A new, multi-language version of DHL Online Supplies Ordering is up and running

Posted on 16/08/2019 by Leszek Olszański

The Online Supplies Ordering application (OSO) has served several European branches of DHL Express for the last 3 years. It ensures that key corporate clients have a constant supply of packaging materials such as boxes, envelopes and labels. It is essential to the international logistic operator, to make sure that the packaging used by clients is compliant with standard quality, sizes and weight requirements.

Based on the positive feedback of the initial version of OSO, both from customers and DHL business owners, it was decided last year to continue the development of the app.

The newest version, OSO2, is already supporting DHL business in 6 European countries: Finland, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. The application has been largely refactored and optimised, based on our experience from years of using and developing the previous version.

The most important innovation is the function that allows us to easily set-up the national versions of the application. It doesn’t require a new, separate installation for each new country any longer. The localization is now done simply by using the various configuration options.  When a new language version of the interface is needed, it can be provided through the backoffice interface. The application is prepared to run smoothly in all relevant languages.

Being equipped with these new functions, the application is now capable of being rolled out to many more countries with minimum effort and cost.

The application is written in PHP7 using Yii2 framework.

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