Custom software solutions

3e Software House team of developers specializes in the delivery of high-end, secure and stable applications, that power the basic processes of many successful businesses, from medium to large and multinational companies. The applications that we produce are reliable enough to keep extensive, multi-million euro business ventures running and thriving for years.

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We write and maintain top-down software solutions, that help you run rudimentary activities such as order collection and processing, customer service, loyalty programs, extensive database processing, delivery and logistic processes support. Among the numerous clients that have trusted the quality of our services over the years are Polish and other European branches of large multinational companies.

We run many projects for international logistical giant DHL, AmRest - the largest independent restaurant operator in Central and Eastern Europe managing European branches of  brands such as Pizza Hut, KFC and Starbucks, and one of the biggest international insurance groups - Nationale Nederlanden. Also among our clients are certain departments of CitiGroup, insurance giant AXA, British-American Tobacco and many more.

Our core areas of expertise are:

  • customer service applications such as the DHL24 web portal, used as a main point of contact for most private and corporate DHL Parcel customers in Poland
  • order processing systems like our multipurpose web ordering app, powering multiple ordering channels for different AmRest restaurant brands

  • call center and CRM support - available in various 3e-made systems including the Nationale Nederlanden retirement scheme website
  • loyalty, benefit and reward schemes like applications powering “Starbucks Rewards” program “My Pizza Hut” - loyalty and Medicover Benefits platform
  • transaction platforms with integrated payment and fiscalization processes

What’s in it for you?

Bespoke business solutions

3e Software House software solutions are always tailored to your specific business goals and needs. We draft the product’s vision through a series of elaborate and standardised consulting workshops, taking into account your business requirements and company culture. We then compose robust documentation to make the project well defined and predictable and ensure you maintain  full control over the development process. (Read more about our analytical process)

State of the art technologies

During the requirement gathering phase we put in a substantial amount of effort in  helping you choose the most relevant technology stack to ensure optimum efficiency and scalability within your budget and timeframe. We pick and choose from a wide range of languages and environments from trending technologies like Node.js that power ultra-fast, quickly-produced prototypes, through PHP used in smaller projects and content websites as well as mighty and universal enterprise solutions based on the Java/Spring framework. We possess a great deal of experience in producing highly efficient React.js GUI’s, and React Native powered mobile applications and much, much more. (Read more about our technologies)

The highest quality, stability and security

The profile of our clients quality and security needs are one of our main obsessions.  Our applications run for years without any unplanned downtime and pass multiple external audits. We begin the quality assurance process with the project’s business analysis, when we plan future testing scenarios, subsequently quality remains our priority throughout the coding, automatic testing and manual testing stages. We host your application in  highly secure data clusters, under the ever watchful eye of our team of maintenance specialists.