Self service kiosks - how to grow your restaurant sales with minimum friction, cost and risk

A beginners guide to self-service restaurant kiosks

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Self-service kiosks are set to remain a huge market trend among QSR and fast-casual restaurants. They provide numerous advantages. They increase sales (up to 30%), service speed (by 40%) and market share, they improve customer satisfaction (up to 76% of customers).

Whilst being highly beneficial to the organisation they can be implemented in a relatively simple way, without disrupting of your already-functioning POS system. Once implemented, they can be a great starting point for further digitisation, helping you gradually achieve the complete omnichannel approach.

What makes us so sure about this

  1. We live  within the self-service nation - tech-savvy, mobile-enabled individuals for whom the digital platforms is the most natural way to interact with brands.
  2. It has been proven by numerous studies that: restaurant customers buy more, whilst using kiosks than when placing orders at the cash desk. This law has proven itself through many years both in the US and in our European implementations.
  3. Kiosks are the important part of the customer experience in an omni-channel ecosystem. According to Restaurant Readiness Index, 62% of customers appreciate omni-channel elements.
  4. Kiosks give you increased insight about your customers behaviour. They provide a lot of data which can improve all  data-driven marketing and sales activities.
  5. Implementation of kiosks does not lead to a reduction of staff - the increased traffic keeps the staff just as busy as before.

Ready to move forward?

How to implement them?

Most POS systems that have been implemented in the second decade of the 21-st century, such as Oracle Micros or iiko aren’t equipped with a kiosks plug-in. How can you work this around? We recomment three ways:

1. Exchange your legacy POS to a brand-new cloud-based POS system. That solution has integrated all the elements of the digital restaurant, like kiosks, mobile apps, loyalty systems etc. It gives you single point of management access, is flexible, less vulnerable in terms of crashing and much cheaper in day-to day operations. It is also expensive and time consuming in grown-up organisations, since it requires you to replace all the software and processes.

2. Integrate kiosks into your POS system manually. That means... do not integrate them at all. This is the simplest, fastest and cheapest solution that lets you take advantage of most kiosk assets, whilst avoiding  disruption of the existing POS system. The kiosks are simply plugged in to their own KDS (kitchen display system) terminal. This solution still allows you to take advantage of the most important kiosk asset - so that it is probably the best trial solution.

3. Enhancing your existing POS system with a cloud-like web integration centre. Once implemented it can serve you for years, while still being a huge step towards the full transition to a  cloud solution. In this version, kiosk application synchronizes with your currently-used POS, giving it all the kiosk superpowers whilst not interfering with its well-established processes.

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They increase sales (up to 30%), service speed (by 40%) and market share, they improve customer satisfaction (up to 76% of customers), help involve customers into restaurant’s omnichannel experience and collect more data about their behaviour and preferences. Once implemented, they can be a great start for further digitisation of your restaurant business, helping you achieve the complete omnichannel approach, including web and mobile interfaces, third-party ordering, improved loyalty schemes, delivery management and much more.

From our whitepaper you will learn:

  1. How boost sales and service speed using kiosks?
  2. How to smoothly integrate them with your POS?
  3. How to upgrade your whole system thanks to them?

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