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Our solutions

Thanks to our many years of working with clients in creating dedicated solutions, we have managed to gather experience and ideas to create our own solutions. Here we present the most important of them.

Ordering Stack

A fully omnichannel cloud solution that helps you run your restaurant and increases your restaurant’s profits. 

The system consists of the following modules:

  • Application for kiosks 
  • KDS (Kitchen Display System) 
  • Backoffice for the restaurant manager
  • Web application (PwA) Ordering Stack Delivery

The entire solution is in the cloud and being a Software as Service (SaS) a simple and intuitive management system is available to the restaurant by simply using  a web browser - no additional costs, no installation or purchase of new equipment is required.

The system can be easily integrated into any existing restaurant POS system and thanks to the omnichannel approach, the customer is supported by the restaurant in every possible sales channel. For example, they can start an order on their phone using the application and finish it using the kiosk. 

The infographic below illustrates this perfectly.

Ordering Stack kiosk software can be supplied with hardware - configured kiosk screens provided by M4B - a Polish company specializing in Digital Signage solutions.

In our blog dedicated to Ordering Stack you can learn all the details about our solution and find high quality expert articles for restaurateurs.

Ordering Stack Delivery

Ordering Stack Delivery is a part of the Ordering Stack system - a web-based application that allows the customers of a given restaurant to order food online. 

The application contains: 

  • restaurant menu,
  • shopping basket, 
  • payment system, 
  • delivery areas and others.

Due to the extremely difficult situation facing restaurateurs during the COVID-19 pandemic, as part of the #WeHelpRestaurants  campaign, we have decided to make the Ordering Stack Delivery module available regardless of the Ordering Stack system and offer it free of charge to restaurants.

The Ordering Stack Delivery application is dedicated to individual restaurants. In a nutshell, you can say that it is an "online shop with a restaurant menu".  

We can transfer a given restaurant online in 3 days without any charge.

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