Oracle Micros platform development and integration

Micros (acquired by Oracle in 2015) workstations have hummed under front desks of restaurants and hotels for decades. But progressing digital transformation of food and hospitality industries requires integration with other systems and the development of new functions. That’s where we come in.

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Why hire us to expand your Micros environment?

We have vast experience

We do it for 10 years

Over the past 10 years we have provided our clients with many kinds of Micros extensions, enhancing the software with many new capabilities.

We have already made such extensions:

  • web and mobile ordering interfaces
  • in-store ordering kiosks
  • online and in-store menu presentation
  • loyalty schemes
  • food delivery management and monitoring
  • online payments and fiscalization
  • many more

We can integrate it


We possess a thorough knowledge of the application, its interfaces and APIs. We know nearly everything RES POS API - this SOAP-powered API is the main gate to reach from outside to the restaurant server. For example, it is a for web/mobile ordering applications to send order details straight to the restaurant’s system.

PMS/SIM socket

This API is used in each POS (point of sales) post. Posts using POS3700 or similar software can reach through it to communicate with various external applications, ie. with the loyalty system, to check for customer’s grade and calculate his personal discount, or with delivery system to direct a driver to

Micros Enterprise Manager

The third way to communicate with Micros ecosystem provides access to its main headquarters. Enterprise Manager stores master data about whole chain’s menus and price lists and can be used to prepare web and mobile menus, pre-calculate orders values and much more.

We can program it

Integration is important, but it’s useless unless you understand the internal functioning of an app. We are the ones, who know the internal nitty-gritty of Micros as well as its APIs. As example:

We know Micros modules

We understand how Micros defines products. We figured out how they work from simple products such as a Coke bottle, through to various combo meals, their composition and pricing, to the most complicated one of all - the pizza. We can enhance Micros models, ie adding a picture and produce model-based interfaces. This knowledge enables us to insert and send orders from external applications to Micros through RES POS API.

We can program POS machines

We know ISL scripts - a scripted language that runs on POS3700. Knowing this script we can simply program POS machines to enhance their built-in functions, adding new buttons and functions available for POS operators - ie. related to external software

Our clients success stories

KFC in-store kiosks

Self-service software in one of the world most renowned chain restaurants

Starbucks loyalty app

Custom tailored app covering whole universe of Starbucks special offers and rewards

AmRest Web Ordering

Multichannel online ordering platform for Pizza Hut, KFC and other brands

During this project, 3e Software House played an important role in putting together the products of five different companies in order to make the whole kiosk ecosystem meet quality targets. The cooperation was very smooth and effective. Our partners from 3e brought us many new ideas and solutions that improved the product’s performance and positively influenced the development process.

Maciej Buba

Digital Director Pizza Hut at AmRest