We design and implement dedicated applications which perform the essential operational processes of our clients. We have been creating such solutions for various industries and purposes for more than a decade. These include: goods and services sales platforms (e.g. shipments orders, meals orders, platforms for buying insurance and investment fund units, training delivery sites, contest engines, auction and shopping platforms, CRM ends for acquiring customers, suppliers or contractors, intranet solutions (document circulation, workflow, HR support), etc.


The applications we deliver are most often integrated into other systems, such as: CRM, ERP, loyalty program engines, accounting systems, payment systems, bulk SMS forwarding, warehouse, product databases, order processing engines, transfer agents, trading platforms and others, depending on the industry and the specifics of the client. We supply many of these solutions (including API integration buses) and integrate our solutions in the existing infrastructure.

We create applications for Web platforms, as well as for mobile devices (iOS, Android). We also have a portfolio of desktop applications (installed on client computers).