Here you can find detailed description of selected projects and articles written by our specialists.

Client Requirements Document

The Ultimate Client Requirements Document in software development. Here’s the draft and story about how I thought of it The Client Requirements Document (with Business Requirements Document (BRD) and Technical Requirements Document (TRD) aka the Software Requirements Specification (SRS)) is one of the main tools in software development. Throughout the community of project managers, software analysts, IT account managers, coding and testing engineers, pretty much everyone who earns a living from being a part of the process of software manufacturing, uses it constantly. Some of us write it from scratch, some amend and enhance it during different stages of the project, some use it as a guide and a reference for software development and testing.


Code updating process up to Delphi 10 Seattle

Our company maintains and develops a number of applications for DHL Company. At the beginning of 2016 we have noticed that one of applications generates more and more errors / problems when communicating with other tools / applications. Analysis has led us to a clear source of the problem - the application was written in Delphi technology v. 2006. After presenting the results of the analysis to Client, decision to rewrite the application to the latest version of Delphi - Delphi 10 Seattle was made.


SLA – guaranteed reliability or an unnecessary expense?

Still not all companies decide to sign the SLA when deploying an IT system. Managers argue, for example, that they need to protect the budget from unnecessary spending. However, it is the lack of SLA that generates unforeseen and often much higher costs associated with the loss of system operational continuity and the lack of solution procedures.


Why is it easier to find something on the Internet than in your own company?

The research conducted by the University of Southern California shows that in the years 1986 - 2007 people generated 295 trillion of gigabytes of data and that the number is doubled on average in every 3 years and 4 months. In the face of such an enormous amount of data and its dynamic increase, we must confront the challenge of building more and more efficient tools to search for and to categorize information. Any search for information on the Internet is relatively efficient thanks to the more and more “intelligent” search engines, but the situation is not necessarily similar in the case of searching for internal information inside the company. 


Integration of distribution platform with Transfer Agent as exemplified by

The project which we were involved in posited creation of an independent distributor’s (vendor’s) platform designed to sell IKZE (Individual Pension Security Account) and IKE (Individual Pension Account), which could exchange and update account data with Transfer Agent at regular intervals. The platform was supposed to enable selling IKZE and IKE in direct channels (via the website), through Subagents (who could also register and settle accounts via the online platform) and external Call Center units.


Distributed performance testing

W ramach rozbudowanego procesu budowania aplikacji i portali internetowych powszechnym działaniem jest przeprowadzanie szeregu testów w celu zapewnienia jak największej jakości funkcjonowania danej aplikacji. Jednymi z nich są testy wydajnościowe odpowiedzialne za gwarancję działania aplikacji oraz infrastruktury serwerowej wybranej do udostępniania tej aplikacji przy wysokim obciążeniu. Przeanalizujmy zalety testowania wydajnościowego aplikacji internetowej na przykładzie „Olimpiady Finansowej” powstałej dla Fundacji Kronenberga.


Measuring Application Accessibility

When certain business processes carried out by IT systems are outsourced, the issue of accessibility of these services comes up. Parameters of such a service are formally established by SLA (Service Level Agreement). Nowadays almost everybody knows about protecting a business by making such agreement. However, the following issue may appear: how can you measure the actual accessibility of services in order to be able to fulfill the provisions of the agreement and to enforce penalties in case of a failure to perform the contract?


System of Working Time and Costs Measurement

How to Measure the Working Time of Employees and how to Manage the Company’s Costs? The current article describes how these two issues have been tackled at 3e by means of an internal system called Faktool.


Document Workflow System at Bilfinger Berger

The Bilfinger Berger company carries out dozens of construction projects in Poland which very often require business trips between the head office and field units as well as construction sites. Each business trip needs to be recorded and must go through the verification and acceptance processes, as well as through several other stages in order to finally reach the HR, Accounting and Finance departments. So far, this process has been done only by means of paper documents (as per requirements regarding documentation).


RIA – Rich Internet Applications

More and more IT systems are available from the browser level as web applications. The benefits that result from this fact are obvious: easier, central administration, no need to install additional software for the end user, bigger accessibility.


General Data Protection Regulation

I agree to and accept that 3e sp. jawna will collect, make automatic decisions about, analyze and catalog information about Internet electronic addresses which have connected with the device I have used, information about the type of the device I have used, including the type and version of software installed on the device, for the purpose of determining my Internet activities (the user profile). Automatic decision-making does not involve sensitive data. The agreement is in force for the period when it is legally binding, or until a Party withdraws from the agreement. Withdrawing from the agreement shall result in removing the user’s profile.