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One of the  programming languages that we use is Delphi (we have been developing using Delphi since 2001). We specialize in: support, development and maintenance of Delphi solutions created in both the latest and older versions. An important aspect is also our experience in adopting, updating and developing of existing applications created in this technology. As the first and only on the market we have created a tool to automate testing for Delphi applications.

The main advantages

  • We speak and run projects in english
  • We use agile methodologies
  • We employ experienced specialists
  • We are responsible for development and maintenance of core business applications for our customers.
  • We operate based on the Test-Driven Development (TDD) methodology
  • We have vast experience in automated tests
  • We comply with safety rules based on OWASP TOP 10
  • Our solutions regularly pass pen tests (we work also for financial sector)
  • Our quality assurance department consist of people with ISTQB certificates

Technical details

In our everyday work we use the following components:

  • VLC Components
    • DeveloperExpress
    • FastReports
    • Atozed Intraweb
    • ImageEn
    • EurekaLog
    • JEDI Package
    • Database components (Devart, Delphi Oracle ODAC, etc.)
  • Developing own components as required

We are most experienced in:

  • Oracle database applications
  • Updating and optimizing applications
  • Automatic testing
  • MS Office Integration
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Documents converting
  • Archiving systems documents / data
  • And other


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Fundacja Bankowa im. Leopolda Kronenberga

" Our cooperation with the 3e company began in 2008.
I can say that it has been one of the most fruitful cooperations with companies of this type that we have entered so far; with respect to the flexibility of cooperation, promptness of taking actions and, most importantly, very good communication.

Krzysztof Kaczmar

Director of the Kronenberg Foundation / Citi Handlowy

Selected projects

DHL Desktop Event Dispatcher

2017-01-14 DHL
DHL Desktop Event Dispatcher

DED system is the newest Delphi system created and maintained by 3e. It works as a dispatcher for other systems ensuring the integration of various applications running on the workstation of CS operator. Its main purpose is to improve/boost CS consultants work. Thanks to this solution the motion waste with its root cause in switching between systems in order to filter data or to perform certain actions has been eliminated.


DHL Customer Handling

2016-07-15 DHL
DHL Customer Handling

Customer Handling System for DHL Express is one of the core tools used to process orders for domestic consignments in the company. It is being used by Call Center Operators while receiving/accepting/processing orders.


DHL Customer Service

2016-05-25 DHL
DHL Customer Service

COK System for DHL Express is one of a few core tools used by DHL to process client’s reclaims.


DHL Tour Management Service

2015-10-01 DHL
DHL Tour Management Service

TMS System allows users to define courier routes – it is a central database for routes which is used by other systems (such as CS and Operations). It also allows to schedule a work of couriers and dispatchers. We developed this system in the Delphi technology. We constantly support  it (SLA) and we implement changes ordered by the business (CR).


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