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We supply, integrate and maintain solutions implementing e-commerce processes. The engines we create consist of such modules as: order processing systems (we process several million orders per year), call center, end user applications (Web and mobile), CRM, engines for acquiring and classifying clients, loyalty program support engines, analytical tools and reporting, transportation planning systems, integration buses (API).

Order processing systems

3e Software House is the developer of the Order Processing System class software. Our experience is supported by the implementation of order processing engines for such companies as DHL, AmRest (KFC, Pizza Hut), Bilfinger and others.

What is the order processing system?

The order processing system enables automatic organization and order flow management in the enterprise. It shortens "Order to Cash", i.e. it implements the process from accepting the order until its completion and payment. Typically, this includes aspects such as:

  • Order acceptance (including any channels such as call centers, Web, mobile, etc.)
  • Order distribution, or transferring orders to the resource responsible for further proceedings. Such distribution can also take place while taking into account the current location of the employee (geo-dispatching)
  • Order workflow tracking (status, responsible entities)
  • Approval, validation, authorization
  • Handling of complaints (including the processing of the request workflow)
  • Payment support
  • Capability to define different order workflows depending on established parameters (e.g. transferring an order whose value exceeds a fixed amount for manual verification)
  • Aggregation of collected data, statistics, etc.

The management system can apply to any orders processed within the company business. Therefore, they can include:

  • Orders for the provision of service or delivery of goods, both in B2B and B2C models
  • Orders within the company
  • Forms, surveys, applications

Business applications

Order processing systems are used in companies where the processing of a large number of orders with a fixed flow path is an essential element of operations. An important aspect here is the ability to define complex contracts with multiple parameters and positions configurable by the client when placing the order. Often such an order is carried out in several stages. Examples are restaurants, where the client can extensively modify items ordered (ingredients, additives, etc.), shipping companies (addresses, transportation variants, dimensions, additional services, etc.), the insurance industry and many others.

Order processing systems are also used for the processing of internal orders for employees. We should mention the geodispatching capability here, which allows for the distribution of orders to field workers depending on their current location. This includes marketers, pollsters, field salespeople, sales representatives, etc. A single task entrusted to the employee may include a couple of forms with parameters to fill in, attachments (e.g. a photo taken in the field), etc. The mobile end of the system synchronizes data on-line or aggregates the collected data until an Internet connection is established.


The order processing systems we deliver can integrate with systems such as: CRM, product configuration engines (offers, sets, promotions, etc.), loyalty systems, accounting systems, central product databases, supplier bases and so on. We can integrate both with existing engines and provide our own solutions.


  • The concentration of multiple channels in a single system (e.g. Web, call center, mobile) brings significant savings both in infrastructure maintenance and order processing
  • Sales growth in online channels
  • One system for defining products
  • Reducing the cost of order processing
  • Opening new channels through API (e.g. partner network)


We deliver and integrate CRM systems as an essential element of the e-business solutions we develop. These solutions are customized and usually implement such tasks as:

  • Registration and supervision of customer service
  • Support for multiple customer types and the relations between them
  • Supply from various sources and channels (online, call center, administrator)
  • Integration with partner and loyalty systems (we also deliver these solutions)
  • Settlements with clients / partners
  • Advanced reporting engines
  • Customer classification tools
  • Automated comments and updates system
  • Automatic e-mail notifications, reminders
  • Advanced system for assigning user groups
  • Capability to integrate with independent online payment systems
  • Shared calendar
  • and many more engines dedicated to individual needs


We develop and implement call center service systems. We integrate these solutions with other e-business support engines such as: CRM, order processing engines, notification systems (e.g. confirmation e-mails), complaint handling, product databases, loyalty systems, time and attendance recording systems, reporting modules, etc.

The key features of our call center support software are:

  • Acceptance of orders, requests, complaints
  • Integration with CTI modules
  • Consultant authentication (log in), individual consultant accounts, automatic closing of a session in the event of inactivity
  • User role support (Supervisor, Manager, Consultant, etc.). Each user can have different permissions, views, tasks, etc.
  • Defined possible scenarios and pathways for the acceptance of request, taking the roles into account (e.g. the capability of sending a request which exceeds a certain amount to additional authorization)
  • Capability to define different paths depending on the topic of conversation, selected parameters and other established criteria
  • Aggregation and display of information about the caller based on the phone number (order history, complaints, delivery addresses, consultant comments, whether the person is problematic, whether listed on the gray list, etc.)
  • Auto-prompting when filling in the form fields (address, etc.)
  • Simple and clean interface conforming to the nature of the consultant's work
  • Working in the browser window

Complaint handling

  • Editing the complaint status
  • Payment returns
  • Linking with the order / client

Selected projects

DHL Online Supplies Ordering

2017-08-31 DHL
DHL Online Supplies Ordering

Online Supplies Ordering System was originally created by us for DHL Netherlands branch in 2016. Since then we have implemented this solution in the UK and France. We are currently working on implementations in more countries.


Starbucks apps integration with the Czech Tax Office

2017-01-19 AmRest
Starbucks apps integration with the Czech Tax Office

Since 2016 the Czech Republic has implemented the electronic registration of sales project. It is an advanced system of online communication between entrepreneurs and Financial Authority.  Our customer, Amrest entrusted us with the task of integration Starbucks applications with the Czech Tax Office accordingly to the new requirements.


DHL Desktop Event Dispatcher

2017-01-14 DHL
DHL Desktop Event Dispatcher

DED system is the newest Delphi system created and maintained by 3e. It works as a dispatcher for other systems ensuring the integration of various applications running on the workstation of CS operator. Its main purpose is to improve/boost CS consultants work. Thanks to this solution the motion waste with its root cause in switching between systems in order to filter data or to perform certain actions has been eliminated.


DHL Customer Handling

2016-07-15 DHL
DHL Customer Handling

Customer Handling System for DHL Express is one of the core tools used to process orders for domestic consignments in the company. It is being used by Call Center Operators while receiving/accepting/processing orders.


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