We offer solutions in non-standard servers hosting and administration, server virtualization and cloud computing.

Business need

Each centrally implemented IT system, regardless of whether it is dedicated or non-dedicated, requires certain infrastructure in order to function properly. If the system does not function as a purchased service (SaaS - Software as a Service or ASP - Application Service Provider), then system and data owner must take care of the infrastructure. It comprises of hardware (physical servers, disc arrays, routers etc.) and software (operating system installed on the server and auxiliary software).


Setting up of such production environment involves a series of challenges, such as:

  • assurance of specified system operation continuity,
  • protection against data loss,
  • protection against unauthorized access,
  • configuration of system and auxiliary software in conformity with the requirements
  • optimization of hardware and software with regards to efficiency.

After setting up and production start up, environment maintenance is necessary including::

  • monitoring of server operation and of all services
  • updating and reconfigurations connected with safety and efficiency
  • other optimizations
  • replacement of worn or damaged hardware components

This apparently is a continuous process and while calculating the costs of such infrastructure, one must think in the categories of Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) throughout the whole period of this service being provided. This means that the actual cost of purchase and maintenance of infrastructure for the given system will always be greater than the initial costs of infrastructure purchase and initial configuration and start-up.


Within the last years, many solutions appeared, owing to which infrastructure management is easier and more cost-efficient. The most important one is the virtualization, allowing for splitting of physical servers and the applications implemented on them and distribution of physical resources in accordance with the needs. The consequence of virtualization's popularity was creation of new application hosting techniques in the so-called cloud. Presently, if a company does not want its own server hardware, it can be leased as virtual resources (which do not differ from the physical solution) in a cloud or specified Data Center within the resources held by the provider. Such solutions are cost-effective and very flexible - for example in case of necessity to increase the "power" of the environment, it can be done by a mere change in the configuration or purchase of other virtual servers - without the involvement of physical aspects of servers. The solutions existing on the market allow for effective management of IT resources, e.g. virtual servers in Amazon EC2 are leased on hourly basis and accounted for actual use. Some of them even allow for fulfillment of restrictive Data Protection Laws, in particular of those regarding detailed listing of rooms in which data are processed (e.g. 3Services Factory in Poland). Cloud IT resources lease also allows for elimination of CAPEX (connected with hardware purchase) and substituting them entirely with OPEX.

How we can help

3e Software House does not only create dedicated applications, but also but also maintains, hosts and administers them . We host systems of our own making as well as those created by other providers. We have extensive knowledge in the following areas:

  • linux servers administration (debian, fedora and others)
  • centralized login and authorization mechanisms in linux system based on LDAP
  • Xen and VMware virtualization (including paravirtualization), operating of virtual server in clouds (Amazon EC2, etc.)
  • Postfix and Courier mail servers configuration including multiserver configuration. We also configure solutions with non-standard mail delivery mechanism (e.g. script adding records in a database)
  • development of hosting environments for WWW solutions with high efficiency and safety level
  • implementations and configuration of environments serving applications and websites: Apache, Ngix, proxy cache, Memcached
  • configuration of VPN (SSL-VPN openVPN and IPSec based on dedicated hardware)
  • optimization of holistic solutions
  • cloud computing solution configuration
  • assurance of full conformity with Data Protection Laws
  • configuration of continuous integration and code repository environments (Subversion)
  • Oracle, MySQL, PostreSQL databases installation and configuration
  • MySQL replication configuration in real time between the servers for the purposes of backup or load-balancing
  • JBoss/Tomcat/Jetty application server installation and configuration
  • document MongoDB database use


We are also able to perform advanced efficiency tests for your current solutions. During the tests [tests link] we are able to simulate intensive traffic thanks to cloud computing.


If your systems require a non-standard infranstructure, for example your solution functions in client  server mode, or requires Oracle database or J2EE environment, or must bear gigantic load, or hold very big amounts of data - we will be able to offer you special solutions.


Among Clients to which we provide administration/hosting services, are the following:

and several dozen others.

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