Providing the highest quality of our solutions is our priority. For many years, we have tried to work out solutions which can not only minimize the number of errors in the published version, but can also maintain this throughout the entire life cycle of the application. We can achieve these goals thanks to the implementation of test automation engines. We create both automated functional tests and unit tests. Not only do we use this technology, but we are also its co-creators. We are the authors of the popular php-webdriver-bindings library, enabling the creation of functional tests in PHP using Selenium 2.0 (Webdriver). Not only do we make these solutions available in projects, but we also provide consulting services in this area and implement the same functional tests on request.

An example of the automatic Selenium WebDriver test validating the CMS fragment 3e ContentStudio 6:

Delphi automated tests tool.

In order to achieve the highest possible level of quality of developed applications we have decided to create a tool for developing automated tests for Delphi applications. Unlike any other commercially available tool our module is compiled directly into tested application.
Thanks to that tests are not limited to what is visible on a screen – we have full access to attributes of any indicator. This gives usa a wide range of possibilities. Creating test scenarios is a also very easy process. Person which creates tests does not need to know the script language; he can use special functions that can record actions performed in tested application. In practice it works similar to recording macros. We use this tool for automated tests which can operate in the background, for example on a server each time we upload new version of app into a repository. As a result of any test we receive a PDF report. In case of reporting any issues there are screenshots with state of application when the problem occurred.

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