We have brought the engines we use for testing the performance of developed solutions to a level which allows us to have a share in the market of testing the solutions of others. Therefore, we have decided to treat these as one of the independent services we provide. Our work in this area covers the entire life cycle of tests:

  • Creating the scenarios of a performance test in cooperation with the client – we collect the exact requirements of what is to be tested here, what transition path should be simulated, the "background" load simulated by parallel simpler test scenarios, etc.
  • Determining the intensity of the tests – to check whether the service will withstand the expected load or to test the maximum load
  • Running tests on cloud testing machines
  • Analysis and processing of collected results, which enables us to provide a testing report (we prepare detailed reports containing the conclusions of these tests and suggestions for possible improvements)

We use cloud computing technology in our tests to simulate a large amount of concurrent users, and we can simulate even the most complex site-use scenarios. We advise on how to obtain maximum performance on the current infrastructure and how to possibly upgrade the facilities optimally in order to achieve the desired result.

More: Distributed performance testing

Selected projects

Performance tests for Aflofarm

2014-04-02 Aflofarm

As part of our collaboration with performance tests done Aflofarm external servers, which is hosted one web application client. Tests have undergone two separate machines. Summary of comparative test results helped eliminate possible delays as a reason for errors attributable to the application.


Performance tests for WSiP

2012-08-31 WSiP

Commissioned by WSiP (WSiP) we tested wydajnościowo - Overload two sites and also used by the environment. Created by our infrastructure she could effectively simulate thousands of users working simultaneously.


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