We are a supplier of IT systems. Our customers are medium-sized and large companies both in Poland and in other European countries. We have offices in Warsaw and Łódź. The solutions we created have supported the business of our clients since 2001.

We provide, integrate and maintain e-business solutions, such as:

Order processing systems (we process tens of millions orders per year), call centres, end customer applications (Web and mobile), CRM, mechanisms for customer acquisition and classification, loyalty programmes, analytics and reporting tools, transportation planning systems, integration buses (APIs). We also develop mechanisms to support internal business processes: document workflow, intranet and extranet workflow, full-text search engines, etc. We also carry out customised projects to order, applicable to the current needs of our clients. We provide dedicated hosting services (dedicated servers and cloud) and support with guaranteed service levels (SLAs).

In order to ensure high quality and security, we employ the following methods and practices:

  • ITIL
  • Continuous integration practice
  • Functional tests (manual and automatic)
  • Performance tests
  • Penetration tests
  • Our solutions conform to the regulations of provisions of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection

This enables us to maintain a very high level of system availability and performance and to respond rapidly to changing requirements. We take responsibility for the solutions that carry out key processes for the functioning of an enterprise.

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General Data Protection Regulation

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