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We strive to provide our clients with maximum comfort through a transparent cooperation process. We make sure that the client is confident that the product received meets its requirements at every stage of deployment.
People and their experience is our most important asset. We aim to match the team to the task, so that their work is not only a responsibility, but is above all satisfaction.
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General Data Protection Regulation

I agree to and accept that 3e sp. jawna will collect, make automatic decisions about, analyze and catalog information about Internet electronic addresses which have connected with the device I have used, information about the type of the device I have used, including the type and version of software installed on the device, for the purpose of determining my Internet activities (the user profile). Automatic decision-making does not involve sensitive data. The agreement is in force for the period when it is legally binding, or until a Party withdraws from the agreement. Withdrawing from the agreement shall result in removing the user’s profile.