Where does 3e Software House keep most of its clients data and applications

Posted on 29/05/2019 by Leszek Olszański

To ensure our clients’ safety and comfort, we have chosen our hosting provider with the highest consideration.

The applications and the data are kept in the datacenters of our partner company 3S Group. We mostly use the Managed Cloud solution and the dedicated servers. Leveraging the battle-proven solution lets our team focus on our core competencies of building, developing and maintaining business apps.

We choose 3S Data Center also because it is the only Polish company having decentralized data center scattered upon six different localizations, interconnected by optical fiber cables. The 3S data center cluster secures the fast data exchange between the distributed localizations and is the core of disaster recovery services.

The 3S cluster in numbers:

  •     Over 4000 square meters area
  •     24/7 monitoring with SCADA-automated control  and backup
  •     3500 kilometers (2175 miles) owned optical fiber-based infrastructure connecting data centers
  •     All objects Tier3-compliant
  •     Supervised by the team of experienced and seasoned engineers