Self-service kiosks explained - download our latest free whitepaper!

Posted on 14/05/2019 by Leszek Olszański

Your competitors are getting ahead of you? Customers are swarming around the shiny new toys they have just installed? Then perhaps you have wondered how to install self-service kiosks in your restaurant. Everything you need to know you will find in our free whitepaper!

Have you ever wondered, how a modern restaurant and coffee shop look like from the inside? You can be sure of one thing - it is full of digital toys. Modern self-service solutions are especially important to keep up with the competitors.

Hi-tech help businesses boost their sales, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. That's why we in 3e Software House started a series of educational whitepapers explaining the nitty-gritty of digital restaurants. Here's the first part, devoted to self-service digital kiosks. How do they work? How can they benefit your restaurant? And, what's most important, how to start using them without disrupting your well-established company processes?

Find the answers in our free whitepaper!

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