Ordrering lunch delivery goes mainstream in Poland

Posted on 03/06/2019 by Leszek Olszański

As of the first half of 2019 one in every five Polish restaurants offer  delivery services. This number has doubled in the last 12 months with the online and mobile ordering being  the main driver in growth. This trend isn’t going away anytime soon - writes Rzeczpospolita.

The rapid growth of the delivery business is fueled both by the evolution of customers habits and a Sunday trade ban - newspaper’s website rp.pl (paywall). According to a report issued by the market research company Stava, a massive part of the population, who previously used to eat out on Sundays, especially in shopping centres, are now rather choosing  delivery. The number of delivery orders on Sundays has risen sharply by 34%. In the largest cities every other restaurant offers delivery.

Restaurant companies executives, quoted by the newspaper unanimously agree, that the delivery market is booming and this trend is here to stay. Piotr Dzierżek, president of Dominium Pizza notes a 121% year to year increase in delivery sales. Piotr Kruszyński, president of PizzaPortal.pl says, that by 2025, 50%  of food purchased in Poland will be ordered to be delivered.

The Polish situation is hardly an exception. The global food delivery market is expected  to exceed the 100 bln USD threshold this year. The biggest delivery companies are growing even faster and the main growth driver is online, especially mobile deliveries. PizzaPorta.pl, the company that is part of AmRest expects online orders to grow at the pace of 50% y/y, while the American retail industry magazine Pymnts.com expects mobile orders alone to grow by 60% a year. In Poland, already 60% of food ordered online is done so via a mobile channel. The boom is supported by a groundswell of new features in ordering applications, that are welcomed by the users, like the exact location of the delivery courier on the map, and warnings about the possible delays.

Brett Jordan