PHP - fast and multifunctional web design for your business

PHP is far from dead! Actually it’s alive and kicking. As of the beginning of 2019, PHP remains the most popular server-side web programming language powering about 80% of web pages from small blogs and portals to giants like Google and Facebook. When you  need a content page or a relatively simple application, and need it now - our PHP developers are the right people do deliver it.

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Why choose PHP

It’s ultra-fast in development

Some of alleged PHP drawbacks, like it’s lack of code elegance and explicit data type definitions can be easily turned into  an advantage. No long and exhausting planning of data types, etc. You need an application - we are on the road coding. Due to low entry requirements PHP is the platform of choice when preparing any function prototype or simple solution.

It’s affordable

Any time you consider a platform for you new app, you should ask yourself - do I really need to pay for all the sophistication, that heavy, full-blown programming languages have to offer? First - PHP despite it’s simplicity is genetically prepared for generating html documents, which makes it perfect for powering most content websites. You expect  fast improvements? Remember, that PHP is a scripted language with no need to compile the updated code. All you need is just to replace the source files on the server. Therefore PHP apps can work in a state of constant movement and development, without timely procedures required by it’s more complex competitors.

It’s still scalable, when needed

When a small PHP website gains unexpected traction you should not worry! We are still more than capable of significantly improving its performance. PHP still powers app. 80% of websites including a lot of extremely popular, international brands. Facebook and Wikipedia are among most well known, but there are many others such as MailChimp, Tumblr, even one of the latest and  coolest collaboration apps - Slack uses it. Here at 3e Software House we continuously maintain and develop numerous PHP-based web apps, some of them handling huge web traffic and powering multi-million euro businesses with millions of orders processed yearly. Just leave it to us, sit back and enjoy your success!

Our client’s success stories

DHL Parcel

Complex customer-service web portal, main point of contact for private and corporate users

Medicover Benefits

Outsourcing tool to run custom employee benefit schemes for every company