Node.js - fast, scalable and agile network applications

How many times had you had a great business idea, but have given up on it, not having enough time and money to choose the web application’s language, environment, frameworks, financing frontend and backend specialists, etc.? When you need to be lean and agile, you can rely on our team of developers and Node.js. This runtime environment that enables server-side JavaScript execution, has been adopted by Netflix, Groupon, Uber, Trello and LinkedIn. 98% of Fortune 500 corporate giants are currently using it.

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Why have your app written in Node.js?

It is agile and scalable

Node.js is the platform of choice, when you need your app to be produced quickly and introduced to the market as soon as possible. The Node Package Manager with more than 800 thousand modules - the world’s largest collection of free code, is a great base to start with. Node.js works very well when producing software prototypes as well as small and lean applications. It  enables microservice architecture, so that it facilitates production of easily reusable components - that means even faster development and huge scaling capabilities. It’s also worth mentioning, that while working with Node.js, JavaScript is used on both the browser and server side - so the whole application can be written by a smaller team of developers - leading to further savings.

It is fast and efficient

The inventor of Node.js, Ryan Dahl, intended to circumvent the common limitations of web servers, where large amounts of simultaneous connections can easily block the entire process. That’s why Node.js has adopted asynchronous communication. Multiple concurrent connections are handled in a non blocking manner, using callbacks and event loops. As an result, a single threaded node.js app can handle big traffic. Whilst working in cluster, this effect can be multiplied. Speed is also based on Google Chrome’s V8 engine, that compiles JS into native machine code. Although this doesn’t  make Node.js an optimal tool for heavy computing, it is good fit for solutions with a lot of IO processing, saving a significant amount on hardware investment.

Users love it...

Node.js was initially intended to produce an environment in which Web and server applications could freely exchange data, whilst both could begin communicating as well. Although it is not the the only tool that does this well, Node.js has proven itself  time and time again, powering real-time web apps with push capability, such as streaming services, collaborative and social tools with lovable UX. Web users usually appreciate its support for server-side React.js rendering - meaning that the website opens very quickly, when visited for the first time, without the long wait for massive libraries to load first. That makes Node.js vastly popupar among enterprises. According to Node.js Foundation survey 98% of Fortune 500 companies are using this platform.

… and our developers too

 A large and vibrant open-source community has arisen around Node.js, gradually making it a more and more powerful tool. Very importantly for developers is its native support for popular NoSQL databases, like MongoDB, that also help it achieve high speeds. Many coders hugely appreciate the option of using TypeScript, a JavaScript superset with a static typing option, that allows them to avoid a lot of potential coding errors. It’s understandable that as a result the framework has become  most beloved by developers in 2018.

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