Java/Spring Framework - powerful and reliable software environment for corporate clients

“Write once, run anywhere” - many years have passed since 1995, when Sun introduced Java to the market, but it’s main principle - platform independence - is still up to date. It’s also Java’s relative simplicity, reliability and high security, that have helped it remain the most popular programming language in the world and a standard choice for high profile enterprise software.

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Why choose Java/Spring for your app

It’s mighty and universal

Our team of developers exhibit the impressive power of Java through the use of powerful environments such as Spring Framework. It is a comprehensive programming and configuration model for modern Java-based apps, providing vast archive of ready-to-use tools and plugins. What’s equally important - Spring’s extension, Spring Boot, comes with all the rudimentary libraries, configs and an application server, allowing us to avoid boilerplate code and focus mainly on your business logic.

It’s cloud ready

Getting fed up with your (theoretically) dedicated hosting that cannot keep up with your application’s growing traffic and new functions? Next time have it prepared by our team, using Spring Cloud. Once your app cloud is ready, you can smoothly scale it up and down without any additional code upgrades. Again - you don’t have to pay an extra fee for all this magic - Spring Cloud provides ready to use tools for central configuration, intelligent routing and load balancing.

It facilitates microservices

Ideally you would like it if your app still worked smoothly and efficiently after a few years of intense agile development and a huge rise in traffic, wouldn’t you? Every tech manager, whose codebase has become a Big Ball of Mud, stubborn to even small changes knows how important it is. The solution to this problem is building a whole app of microservice “bricks” - tiny and therefore transparent and manageable components. Each component covers only a small, well defined area of its domain and communicates with other services to get the job done. Thanks to Spring Framework’s support of central configuration, cloud and integration patterns we can continually and smoothly integrate your app with lots of new components and libraries working in Java or any other technology, without losing the transparency and fluency of the whole ecosystem.

It’s safe for long-term projects

When you plan a long lifetime app, Java platform is again a safe choice. Strongly typed - that means - more error-proof language makes it easier to rewrite and re-architect some parts if needed. The code is also easier to reason with for newcomers. From the framework perspective Spring is the de facto industry standard, so the risk of getting into “abandoned and legacy” land is not very likely. Putting all that together - Java is a great fit for an evolutionary approach in software development, letting your application mature and grow throughout many years.

Our client's success stories

KFC in-store kiosks

Self-service software in one of the world most renowned chain restaurants

Starbucks loyalty app

Custom tailored app covering whole universe of Starbucks special offers and rewards

Pizza Hut Web Ordering

Multichannel online ordering platform for Pizza Hut, KFC and other brands

During this project, 3e Software House played an important role in putting together the products of five different companies in order to make the whole kiosk ecosystem meet quality targets. The cooperation was very smooth and effective. Our partners from 3e brought us many new ideas and solutions that improved the product’s performance and positively influenced the development process.

Maciej Buba

Digital Director Pizza Hut at AmRest