DHL Customer Handling

2016-07-15 DHL

Customer Handling System for DHL Express is one of the core tools used to process orders for domestic consignments in the company. It is being used by Call Center Operators while receiving/accepting/processing orders.

Application main features:

  • Acceptance of orders
  • Managing customer base
  • Generating permanent orders
  • Informing about the operational situation in the area with order concerns
  • Consultant authentication (login), individual consultants accounts , automatic closing session when there is no activity
  • Supporting user roles (Dispatcher, Supervisor, Designer, etc.). Each user has different rights, accesses, views and tasks.
  • Aggregation and displaying information about caller based on a telephone number (integration with CTI modules)
  • Autocompleting words when filling form fields (addresses, etc.)
  • Sending automated messages to clients (mails, faxes, smses)

Customer Handling is integrated with main DHL Express System, thanks to that information about Clients and orders is being used by other tools/applications in the company. System is being used by hundreds of users daily from all over the Poland. The biggest challenge for 3e was to provide perfect performance of application with a very large data load. We developed this system in the Delphi technology. We constantly support  it (SLA) and we implement changes ordered by the business (CR).