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The first million investment game - the mechanism of multiplication competitions

"The First Million" is an online educational game prepared for the Kronenberg Foundation at Citi Handlowy. The game objective is to operate a budget that through wise investments and turning the money to get the highest capital (target $ 1 million). The website operates in both the mainstream and in the form of a competition organized by the Foundation. Due to popular applications, we were asked to prepare the system to automatically generate multiple independent views of competitions.
Each of these views is characterized by:
  • your own subdomain
  • ability to create dedicated registration forms,
  • ability to define a level of difficulty,
  • a separate system of rankings
  • a separate reporting system.
Competitions are held periodically at various universities across the country. The new system therefore aims to facilitate the operation of several contests at the same time, their recording and the emergence of the best players.