DHL Desktop Event Dispatcher

2017-01-14 DHL

Desktop Event Dispatcher system is the newest Delphi system created and maintained by 3e. It works as a dispatcher for other systems ensuring the integration of various applications running on the workstation of CS operator. Its main purpose is to improve/boost CS consultants work. Thanks to this solution the motion waste with its root cause in switching between systems in order to filter data or to perform certain actions has been eliminated.

Application main features:

  • Monitoring and forwarding the request to the target application (along with the data), receiving requests from connected systems/applications
  • Forwarding/sending the request to the target application (along with the data)
  • Automatic launching/executing required application (if it is not active)

Technologies (such as multithreading, asynchronous communication) used in this system allows immediate execution of incoming requests regardless of whether the target application executes at given time any other operation.