We create mobile applications for the following platforms:Android and iOS. These solutions support e-business processes of our customers and are integrated with our internal business systems, such as: CRM, sales systems, order processing mechanisms, etc.
Our applications implement such functionalities as:

  • Registration/verification of a user
  • Geolocation, integration with maps
  • Configuration and submitting of orders/ordering products
  • On-line payments
  • Status tracking
  • Filling in forms, surveys
  • Offline capability
  • Notifications
  • The use of device sensors (accelerometer, GPS, camera, etc.)
  • Security aspects, such as the encryption of data, connections, etc.
  • Integration with external systems
  • and many more

We offer complete solutions, which include the following aspects:

  • Collection of requirements
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Functional project (UX)
  • Graphic design
  • Preparation of mobile mock-ups
  • Project implementation
  • Maintenance and version control of code in repositories (SVN)
  • Functional tests on multiple devices (phones/tablets)
  • Security tests
  • Placing the applications in Play/iTunes stores (or support)

We create native solutions for each platform (Android/iOS), and therefore we consider the development of an application for each of them as a separate project. Therefore, each of these aspects is implemented independently for Android and iOS. This approach ensures maximum application performance and takes into account the differences in the use of devices and user habits.

Selected projects

Starbucks apps integration with the Czech Tax Office

2017-01-19 AmRest
Starbucks apps integration with the Czech Tax Office

Since 2016 the Czech Republic has implemented the electronic registration of sales project. It is an advanced system of online communication between entrepreneurs and Financial Authority.  Our customer, Amrest entrusted us with the task of integration Starbucks applications with the Czech Tax Office accordingly to the new requirements.


KFC mobile application

2016-06-08 AmRest
KFC mobile application

We have developed KFC mobile application as a part of the ongoing cooperation with AmRest Sp. z o.o. Its most important function is to allow the ordering of meals from restaurants and make on-line payments.


We got the Mobile Trends Award!

We got the Mobile Trends Award!

The Starbucks mobile application, developed by our company for the AmRest Coffee got the Mobile Trend Award in M-commerce category.


MaxiBonus - mobile app

2013-08-30 MaxiBonus
MaxiBonus - mobile app

As part of the expansion of the service MaxiBonus during the implementation of the last phase of the project prepared mobile applications on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Applications are available in modes both online and offline.


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