Business Need

One of our Customers, the XTB company, urgently needed to start  global marketing competition for the majority of its branches. The competition required creating visually attractive landing pages which could also endure very intensive traffic.  These pages were also supposed to constitute an information channel for the participants and show the current status of the competition.


  • very short time (about  1 – 1.5 months)
  • big scale (hundreds of thousands of unique users estimated)
  • a high number of visits reconciled with the weight of the served pages with Flash animations
  • integration with transaction platform in order to present the players’ ranking


The solution that we provided consisted of several independent elements, which allowed us to fully achieve the goals defined above. The infrastructure  included  3 servers providing  the pages, as well as Amazon S3 services to serve heavy Flash animations and other big files.

We also used a two-layered architecture for serving dynamic web pages with a WWW server based on Apache and a proxy server with the proxy caching Nginx. A separate server was also provided for the database.

The website itself  was built in a very fast MVC framework in PHP,  which constitutes our web solutions base called Yii. Thanks to such an approach, it was possible to radically shorten the process of the web application development while maintaining the high quality of the code and flexibility of the solution.

The above-mentioned connection of an application architecture and server infrastructure helped to create a solution that responded to our Customer’s needs and was able to provide the required efficiency. The competition proceeded without any efficiency or quality problems.

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