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3e Software House specializes in development and maintenance of top-down software solutions, that run basic business activities such as order collection and processing, customer service, loyalty programs, delivery and logistic processes support. Such extensive business environments require many user interfaces covering multiple online, mobile and offline customer acquisition channels.

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Multiple needs

Mobile traffic overtook web traffic in 2014, with the overwhelming majority of mobile traffic coming from apps rather than mobile browsers. Mobile apps are gradually becoming the largest customer contact channel. Having said that, desktop web traffic is not going out of fashion any time soon.

More than 70% of internet users still visit their favourites through both their mobile devices and desktop browser. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean, that you have to pay full price for the development and maintenance of three independent user interfaces. Our team of developers offer a wide array of full-stack solutions that allow you become the owner of a multichannel user interface whilst investing relatively little time and resources.

Fast and efficient web

In web frontend development we recommend using React.js., because it’s (probably) the most efficient and flexible JavaScript library to build users interfaces that’s available on the market. We usually implement it along with Redux library that stores application state. Instead of traditional large monolithic HTML documents, interfaces are built of small and isolated blocks called “components”, and each of them can be replaced and moved with minimum effort. In  the case of requested changes, the new version of the interface can be produced relatively quickly and cheaply.

Due to its architecture React.js interfaces are also extremely fast and resource efficient.

People love its fast loading time and high level of responsiveness, whilst  corporate clients appreciate the fact, that their software runs smoothly on older and budget hardware.

For mobile applications we usually rely on React Native framework. That JavaScript-based toolbox allows the fast and agile development of native applications for both Android and iOS operating systems. At least 60% of the application code can be reused, greatly reducing the application’s time to market and thus allowing a substantial  reduction in cost. As a result of the framework’s affinity to above mentioned React.js - a large amount of code

Case study

React’s way of building an user interface app from components has proved itself during the implementation of self-service kiosk software that we developed for KFC restaurants. The technology made it possible for us to experiment with many different user journey scenarios and helped us to smoothly achieve the final version.

Using Redux library for state management in React.js helped us to fully separate the presentation layer from front-business logic.

Thanks to the usage of Redux we managed to keep the code clean and reusable. React.js framework allowed us to keep the whole application resource efficient and enabled our client to purchase budget hardware modules - while retaining high interface fluency and a high-profile user experience.

These results  can be verified by anyone using them in the hundreds of restaurants across Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic.

Our client's success stories

KFC in-store kiosks

Self-service software in one of the world most renowned chain restaurants

Pizza Hut Web Ordering

Multichannel online ordering platform for Pizza Hut, KFC and other brands

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